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Four Sneaker Styles

Maybe you love basketball or you ride your board everywhere – or maybe, with you, it’s all about style. However you roll, we have your sneakers at the mall. We’ve broken it down into performance, skates, casuals and collectors – and once you know what you need, go visit the super-informative guys at Champs to get the right brand and fit. They know everything there is to know about sports footwear – and also about the new flex-fit hats, but that’s a whole other story coming soon... Performance Before you buy a pair of performance shoes, you really need to talk to the professional shoe guys – they’ll find out what you like to do and find you the perfect pair. That’s because there are high tops for weight training ankle support, light and flexible trainers for running and shoes that have both for cross-training overachievers. Skate Skate shoes are flat inside with low bottoms that contour to your board – and they look dang cool. And lucky skaters have their very own Londonderry store – check DYCE for tons of patterns and colours, plus boards, apparel, accessories and the cutest itsy-bitsy sneakers for baby and kid-sized boarders. Casuals For the rest of us that wear sneakers simply for great style – we have lots of those here too in every style, shape and colour. We have low-rise, high-rise, slip-ons or hot pink laces – for work and for play, for men and women. You’ll find unisex Adidas and grade school high tops at Champs, men’s preppy lace-ups and thin suede slip-ons at Spring and ankle high leopard print and lots of girly sparkles at Payless. And then there are these daring Nikes with a neon splash-dye glove that zips up over the shoe at Foot Locker – you could totally pull these off, my extraordinary boy. Collectors Sometimes sneakers can become something of an obsession and you suddenly find yourself with a growing collection of one kind of shoe. Check out this dude’s kick-A Air Jordan collection for example – and this year, Converse has released limited edition Black Sabbath Chucks and DC comics collections. And Kids Kids have all the luck – they get glow in the dark, light-ups, sparkles and licensed sneakers with their favourite cartoons on them. Though, if we were really smart, we’d slow the little bolters down a little with wooden shoes. Just kidding – but you know what I’m talking about, right, Mom? ...

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