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Holiday 2014 Londonderry Gift Guide Blogs - The Techie For Under $200!

He’s the guy – or she’s the gal – that turns on the TV from the car and the car from the kitchen. They love computerized everything and want all the latest gadgets – and they know how to use them and probably how to fix them too. Here are four super-awesome toys for your techie this Christmas. Wearable fitness monitor This super sleek wearable computer tracks your activity, monitors your sleep, wakes you with a silent alarm and connect instantly to your Android. The ultramodern LED light display tells you how close you are to your goal for the day – and also looks like something a spaceman might wear. The FitBit Flex Activity Monitor is $99 at Wireless Wave. Hockey phone for hackers Bring together his two favourite things in the world – oh yeah, besides you of course – hockey and high-tech. The Rogers NHL Smart Kit comes with a touchscreen Samsung Galaxy Ace II, $20 in prepaid minutes, NHL stickers, a magnetic hockey board and a highly excellent metal hockey-themed lunchbox. The kit is $129 at Best Buy Mobile. Sweet superstar speakers Her music collection is massive but her speakers don’t have to be. The Monster Superstar wireless speaker is an adorable and incredibly powerful speaker – that fits in the palm of your hand and can fills a big room huge clean sound. The world’s smallest speaker has a 12-hour battery, a subwoofer both sides and optimized for smart phones and tablets. This little jellybean of a speaker is $140 at The Source. Traditional tech A nice watch is a perfect present to commemorate big life happenings – graduations, weddings, promotions, retirements. But just because it’s a tradition doesn’t mean it can’t be high-tech too. You can find designer Storm watches – with futuristic LED displays – from $150 and up at Royal Watch. They also have spinning radar Diesels from $175 and self-winding and precision watches – the most accurate watches in the world – from $400. ...

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