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Garage Temporary Relocation!

Sep 05 - Oct 31

Make sure to mark your calendars! Garage will be moving to a temporary location on September 15th. You will be able to find them Upper Level, across from Urban Planet!


The Classic OPA! Of Greece Hero Meal Is Returning This Fall!

Sep 11 - Nov 05

This hero meal includes a gyro wrap and fries. #RescueYourHunger at Opa! of Greece Londonderry Mall.



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We Get Our Geek On With This Edition Of Trends With Benefits!

Go to, like us, comment and let us know what you think for a chance to win a $150 Londonderry Gift Card!!! You want the best smartphone as you get ready for your upcoming school year, right? Well we've gone to our experts at Wirelesswave and they've whittled the selection down to the 4 hottest handsets you can get your hands on right now – and threw in a smart watch, because hey, it’s just plain cool… 1. The new HTC One (M8) is a great smartphone that does a lot of fantastic things! We can tell that the company listened to feedback, focused on areas that needed improvement and added some innovative new features that are actually useful along the way. The biggest problem with the M8 is that it doesn't raise the bar much higher than it already is -- and that's going to make it difficult to stand apart from competing devices. 2. Chances are you'll be happy with the Galaxy S5. We can't say this is your most visually appealing option, especially compared to the all-metal HTC One (M8), but the dimpled back and waterproof casing at least add more durability than previously had. If you're looking for a good Android phone, the GS5 won't let you down. 3. We all know Samsung makes a great many products. The Galaxy Note 3 remains unchallenged in its category. Great battery life, a brilliant display and top performance make it an excellent all-rounder for those wanting a bigger device. It's better in pretty much every way, with the possible exception of that speaker. Not the cheapest phone, but those who have already converted to the way of the Note will likely see it as a necessary evil. If you're thinking about making the step up, we say get it while it's hot! 4. When we first laid hands on the LG G3, we weren’t sure...We all wanted it to be metal, as it appeared to be, but it wasn't. We wanted it to be a bit smaller, but it wasn't. We didn't think we’d like the rear placement of the buttons, and we don't. But, before long, these perceived negatives turned out to be charming qualities. It’s definitely LG’s best phone yet. So, when all is said and done, we are in agreement that it deserves a spot on the list of androids to consider. 5. Rounding off our list, is the Samsung Gear 2, just because it’s cool. Yes it’s pricey and will cost you, but Samsung has addressed some of the major issues from its predecessor, so it’s a solid improvement. What do you think? Worth it? For contest rules and regulations go to ...

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