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Five Ways to Rock Your Cowboy Boots!

With the Calgary Stampede in full swing, we wanted to take a look at everyone's favourite country accessory - Cowboy boots! These boots are great for bringing a little rustic charm into your outfit, and are a comfortable way to look fantastic. Before we talk about accessorizing with them, let’s talk types. Cowboy Boots come in two styles, Classic and Roper. Classic go up to your mid-calf, while your Ropers go past the ankle, but lower than your Classic boot. Remember but that not all manufacturers’ sizes are consistent, so it’s important to try on the boots first! Cowboy boots can come in a lot of colours and materials, so there are a treasure trove of possible outfits. Here are five tips you can try to incorporate them into your outfits! 1. Carry the colour up! If your boots have any coloured accents, repeat the colour in your outfit. Try a hat with colour detailing and a bold top. Carry the colour from head to toe, giving your outfit unity. It works best to have some neutrals mixed in too, but don’t be afraid to let your colour show! 2. Plaid: If you are looking for a classic Cowgirl look, plaid is a must have! You can either use the previous tip, or, if you have light coloured boots opt for a brighter plaid shirt to really pop. A lot can be done with a plaid shirt to downplay or accent the country feel, play around with waist belts and tank tops until you find something that suits your unique style! 3. Florals: If you want to bring a bit more of a feminine feel to your look, try some florals! Your favourite shirt, skirt or summer dress will look extra cute with some cowboy boots to highlight them. Not to mention, they are insanely easy to accessorize with! 4. Go modern! If the country aesthetic isn’t really your thing, don’t be afraid to pair your boots with something a little more modern and chic. Dark Cowboy boots are sleek, and will go great with a Little Black Dress or leather jacket (or both! ). 5. The secret heel: If you love the comfort of your Cowboy boots, but need a more professional look, you can always opt to wear your jeans over your boots. This will still show the classy toes, and still look great at a time when your favourite boots might not work otherwise. No matter what you do with them, Cowboy boots are sure to brighten up your wardrobe and bring a little country flair to your style! Be sure to stop in now y'all and get your country flair on this stampede season! ...

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